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Title:Last word
Description:“What did he say last?” You try to remember and press on your memory to get back your memory of the last moments in the hospital with your father but you can’t really remember all what he said. He said something about the business and you remember that he wanted you to invest some more and he said more about Mom, for you to take care of her and never leave her alone. These last words are precious. They mean the world to who they are said to. You can find smart ways to record your last words and never let them be forgotten or wasted. And that is most probably notat a time when you have the chance to write them but that is at a good free time when you have ample time at hand. You can record your last words in the form of a video or audio as you like. They will be heard again and again and each time they will sound sweeter and livelier. That is because you had ample time to choose words and say them in a tune blended with your true feelings.
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